We are a small group of Iowans that share a similar interest in digital currencies and blockchain technology. Our goal is to help educate other Iowans, and Midwesterners, about the power of these emerging technologies. We welcome everyone that shares our interests to join or Slack channel, or drop by one of our events.

The group hosts a monthly meeting for people in the Des Moines area. We discuss the latest news, provide education, host open discussions and invite guest speakers. Participants are welcome to briefly share blockchain-related projects in the open discussion and post an introduction about their projects on our social media feeds.

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Kelly Leonard
Kelly LeonardCo-Founder
Hi there, my name is Kelly Leonard. I helped co-found this meetup way back in early 2017, with my friend Brock Hager. I am currently enrolled at the University of Nicosia, working to get my Masters of Science in Digital Currency. I am a blockchain enthusiast, aiming to help facilitate global financial inclusion and other social challenges that benefit humanity.
Brock Hager
Brock HagerCo-Founder
Hello, I’m Brock, and I have been in Crypto since 2013. Back then, there wasn’t very many people in Iowa that were into Crypto, but I kept meeting people online. In 2017, I finally met Kelly, and together we started the first meetup. This group has grown so much since then. I’m excited to talk with all of the new people and looking forward to seeing our group continue to grow!
Tanner Rogers
Tanner RogersCoordinator
Hi, my name is Tanner! I help organize a lot of what happens in our monthly meetups! I will also occasionally lead the technical discussions. I really enjoy learning new things, and helping educate others. This group has been so vital to my education in this space, and I’m very proud of the people we have assembled hear!
Tim Specer
Tim SpecerCoordinator
Hello Internet peoples! My handle is Crypto Magnet ( Tim ), and I’ve been in the space since 2014. I found this group in August of 2017. I actively mine, trade, and (most importantly) evangelize the good word of Bitcoin. I preach to all my Uber passengers, truck driving friends, and family members. When I’m not doing that, I am working on a project to setup a mining Warehouse.

And Many More!


Take a peek at these pictures from some of our past events! You can learn more about upcoming events here.