Paul Snow taught us all about Factom which is securing anyone’s data on the most robust chain, Bitcoin. We learned about the exciting upcoming full decentralization of Factom with thier M3 (rolling out this monday!) We also learned a lot about the process of anchoring, which is how Factom can secure data to Bitcoin (and soon several other coins), without needlessly and expensively clogging up the blockchain.  Business applications are huge and they are working with several large companies already as this project has been live for some time.

Paul himself was a joy to listen to. Engaging, friendly, and we got to hear a little about his philosophy and why creating uncensorable documents will change how people interact. All in all it was a wonderful evening and several of our newcomers asked some pretty hard questions, we are so glad you were able to ask Paul directly.

Our beginner’s table was full of wonderful people excited to learn more about what cryptocurrencies and blockchains can offer and how to get involved. (I hope you all found your way to our Slack and we look forward to seeing you again next month!)

Factom resources:

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