News in the crypto space can be just as volatile as its prices.  Join us for a fun presentation and learn what FUD is, and what it is not, and how to help armor yourself against its inevitable gales.
Presentation by KimS with Q&A

Meetups break into experience levels or interests after presentation.  Bring your questions.
What is a blockchain? What GPUs do you like for your mining rig? What is a bit-coin? What do you think about governance issues in POS?  What is a private key? How do I learn to [insert cool coder thing here]? How do I make a paper wallet? Where do you think regulation is going? What kind of beer do you like best and did you hear so-and-so has a coin now?

We have a beginners table to help you learn about this space or get your first coin; and for the rest, you’re sure to find one of us opining on it somewhere XD

photo: Judd Rankin