I began investing in cryptocurrencies about a year ago because my oldest son was excited about it and wanted me to give it a try. He was investing in various cryptos and seeing positive results. It wasn’t long before two more of my sons began investing and seeing healthy gains. I personally have never been one to invest in the stock market because of the volatility and manipulation. After the bubble of 2008 burst and everyone lost their investments, I was grateful that I had steered clear. I had learned a lot about our fiat currency, the Federal Reserve, the banking system and the crookedness of Wall Street in my previous job, and I was not surprised by the bust. But not having anything invested also means nothing for retirement, and cryptocurrency is NOT the stock market.

When my son began talking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, I was, of course, very skeptical, but intrigued. I like technology and change.  My son explained in detail how it worked. I watched numerous videos on the subject. I found this is something not easily manipulated and scammed because it’s decentralized. (Yay! No Federal Reserve!) In most cryptocurrencies, there is a limit to the number of coins available. All transactions go through blockchain technology, making it more secure than typical investments. I like the transparency. I see this becoming the way of the future.

At this time, I have not amassed great wealth, nor did I expect to with the meager amounts I’ve added, but so far, I’m pleased with the gains I have made. I watched my money double, triple, quadruple. It is truly exciting to be so early in the game of something that is revolutionizing the way we save and spend currency around the world.